Monday, March 19, 2018
Diamond Testimonials


"This program requires little to no capital to get started ....this program can be very hands-off in contrast to most income streams."
Robert D., Atlanta, GA
"The marketing program is one of the best I have seen. When they say you get 5% , you better believe them! Having had over 2 years experience in direct mail in my business, I would have been thrilled with 2% response, but the way they do the marketing is incredible and alone worth the consulting fee."
Josh J., Ocean County, NJ
"My first 30 days of the mentorship have been unbelievable!!! I have a different outlook and approach on how I handle different situations, personal and business. It is not only controlling my own beliefs and outlook on life but others as well. I know that by learning and combining ideas with David and the staff at Rivers of Income we both will be very successful, not only financially but spiritually as well, which is very important to me."
Paul V., Edison, NJ
“I’ve been to a few seminars and I’m familiar with the topic but today…I’m walking out of this conference with enough knowledge to get started now.”
Livelle C., Maryland
"How are things? Haven't spoken to you in a while, just wanted to forward my property list and let you know things are going great!...We now have 17 files we are shorting. My goal is 20+ this year....It's exciting man!"
Joe L., Middlesex County, NJ
"They helped me to buy my first house when I didn't believe it was possible.  They made it so easy that I couldn't believe it actually got done so quickly and with as little work on my part"
Terry O., Middlesex, NJ
"You are a great teacher and I will document everything I do because I know at the end of next year I will be a very different person."
Nengi M., Boston, MA
"There is no risk in coming to one of the seminars, the only thing that can happen is that you can gain a tremendous amount of knowledge. I was willing to drive 4 hours to get there."
Hugh S., Upper Marlboro, MD
"Dave and the staff is always available with insightful perspectives and advice. He practices what he preaches and is passionate about success and being a coach...My one on one mentorship has included lots of action and learning...with consistent leads through effective marketing."
Omar S., North Bergen, NJ
"You gotta get up outta your seat, outta your bed and come listen to this guy...he's for real, he's good...if you want to make money, you come...bottom line"
Julio H., North Plainfield, NJ
"Having had minimal sales experience prior to training with David Oswald, I have grown tremendously in confidence and my ability to close...With David's coaching this had been made possible for me. His techniques are simple, easy and unique! Also, using his mailing system I have received an overwhelming response of callers who are ready and willing to do business with me."
Sarah K., Boston, MA
"There is no risk in coming to one of the seminars, the only thing you can do is profit from's a great investment of your time. Your investing in yourself."
Eric W., Fords, NJ
"Make a decision and come to the become financially free you have to make a solid decision NOW and act. Don't just sit there and wait it out, do it now."
Nick T., NJ
“Dave’s home study course on short sales is tremendous. It gave me the ability and the confidence to finally get out there and start doing something. I had been talking about it and now I’m really doing it!”
Rick G., Syracuse, NY
"This is not something you learn from books and they sure don't teach it in college...I'd encourage someone to come to the seminar if they are looking to make money now."
Jack P., Bridgewater, NJ
“My first 30 days of the mentorship with Dave has absolutely transformed my whole life. He is not only my coach but I feel like he is my partner in my struggle to gain financial freedom. In my first marketing campaign, my direct mail piece has resulted in my phone ringing off the hook.”
Andy Z., Colonia, NJ

I am required to tell you how likely it is that you will be as successful as some of the case studies and testimonials that you see here. That's difficult to answer but I can tell you that these individuals did not act in an 'average' way. They opened the product(s), committed to the systems, possibly invested in coaching or mentoring and made it work. The vast majority simply do not implement anything and therefore have zero results. Neither myself or any of my companies that I am affiliated with make any guarantees about the type of income you will make or your results but one question you may want to ask yourself is...are you average?

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